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Mrs. Skarr
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
ICON BY :iconworthikids:

:iconhandspazzplz: I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
HERE IS MY VERY OWN FANGROUP AHHH: :iconneomi-trix-fc:

:empllama: MY VERY FAIL TUMBLR :emplllama:

:bulletred: STAMPPPSSS:
I'm Female Stamp by stampystampy Stamp - Happy being single thx by Nightabsol 18 blue by PaleoClipperArt Digital artist stamp by WhiteKimahri Stamp - PhotoshopElements User by firstfear Spongebob Lover by FoxGurl25 Straight Pride Stamp - 003 by Straight-Pride Friendly Christian by Danilee3240 American Flag Stamp by xxstamps Flag: Utah by TheStampKing I Love Nightcore Stamp by SilvercrossStahlherz homework stamp by sjthunder Addicted To Dr Pepper - Stamp by SinMisericordia21 Please comment :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Tom Hiddleston stamp by Vicky-Redfield anime and manga stamp by Kataang-furuba Dont Hug Me I'm Scared Stamp by arcanehalo Padlock Stamp 2 by Izzydactyl :thumb442850454: G Is For Green. by xUnfortunate-Soulsx Creative as Poetic Scrolls. by xUnfortunate-Soulsx Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Stamp 1 by Black-Battlecat
Also, whenever someone watches me, I always go to their page and most of the time I check out their gallery, too!! I want to see who cares enough about my art to watch me, and I really care about you guys!! :D

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:I don't care if I don't know you; still call me Neo.:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke (I only do these on livestream sometimes so keep your eyes peeled)
No Collaborations by SweetDuke
Trades - On Hold by SweetDuke

:bulletgreen: MY OC's: Happy 2014! by NEOmi-triX
:bulletblue: Here's a folder full of them:…

:bulletred: Vaughn: Vaughn Character Sheet by NEOmi-triX Vaughn by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Pox: The Irken Clean-Up Crew by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Tear: Tear Reference by NEOmi-triX Tear by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Vyrn: Vyrn the Dragonfly Boy by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Dinny: Dinny by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Brooks and Lani: Bug Love by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Nilifah: Nilifah by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Ella the Umbrella: Ella the Umbrella ~Reference~ by NEOmi-triX SHE HAS A PLZ ACCOUNT: :iconellatheumbrellaplz:
:bulletred: Ender the Eraser: Ender the Eraser by NEOmi-triX Ctrl+Z by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Patrice-Jacques: Nouveau Caractere Original by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Walter the Wallet: Allow Me to Start You Off by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Shell: TNBC OC -- Shell by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Silas Darian: Silas Darian Reference by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Malik: Malik by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Diedrick Fallonson: Diedrick Fallonson--AOT OC by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Axyl: Axyl by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Ruff: Five Nights at Freddy's OC Ruff by NEOmi-triX
(feel free to draw any of them as long as you credit me X3)

:bulletgreen: OC DOLLS (and other things of the like) (click on them to find the artist.)
VyrnFloatingDollComm by Cyanea-Lamarckii PC neomi-trix by Sadistic-Lus PC neomi-trix. by Sadistic-Lus

:bulletgreen: TONS more OC's that I'v had in the past--some I've drawn a few times, really liked, and then abandoned them. Some I drew once and never drew again... :'( maybe I'm just more of a fanart person...
:bulletred: Louis:…
:bulletred: Rocket:…
:bulletred: Quinn:…
:bulletred: Cobalt:…
:bulletred: Ginjiro Hibaki:…
:bulletred: Meikele Oki:…
:bulletred: Novah:…
:bulletred: My "The Last Purge" characters, Zenshiro and Suzu:…
:bulletred: Duffy:…
:bulletred: Jack:…
:bulletred: Kumquat:… (art by
:bulletred: Darby:…
:bulletred: Minni:…
:bulletred: Livv and Ryde:…
:bulletred: Dusty:…
:bulletred: Yellow Night:…
:bulletred: Willow:…
:bulletred: Invader Neo:…
:bulletred: Invader Tilly:…
:bulletred: Leo:…
:bulletred: Rockie:…
:bulletred: Wade:…
:bulletred: Bugsy:…
:bulletred: Damion:…
:bulletred: Hart:…
:bulletred: Gatherer:…
:bulletred: Thomas:…

:bulletblue: MY OWN PLZ ACCOUNTS:
:iconmegamindblinkingplz: :iconbottlecapplz: :icontrollfacegagplz: :icontrollfacedudeplz:
:iconlocknbcplz: :iconshocknbcplz: :iconbarrelnbcplz: :iconnoticeplz:
:iconspongebobsadplz: :iconellatheumbrellaplz:




Some awesome IZ artists!!! :iconmerpplz: (in no order)
:iconsupremacyrain: :iconroboticmastermind: :iconcuddlesandhuggles: :icon10yrsy: :iconbrainworms: :iconhideousblob: :iconradioinvader: :iconcyanea-lamarckii: :icontheevilteadrinker: :iconzerna: :iconirken-invaderzim: :icon0tt0maton: :iconrobotguts: :iconzontarzon: :iconnaplez: :iconmylafox: :iconjoydroid: :iconxxirkenzizxx: :iconthe-proph3t: :iconthecau: :iconkeeiran: :iconladylaguna: :iconpastel-castiel: :iconinvadervicky: :iconn33rrx: :iconthestralhugs: :icon0min0us:

put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrased
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian
See you all in Heaven! ^^

:bulletgreen: GROUPS I BELONG TO:

:iconsolely-art: :icongimpies: :iconpokedorks: :iconmst3k: :iconharmony-with-alto: :iconnohumansallowed: :iconroronoazoro-club: :icontheonepiecefanclub: :iconwe-are-megaminds: :iconmegamindz: :iconsave-the-tiger: :icontimburtonfanclub: :iconone-piece-cosplay: :iconusopp-fanclub: :iconeveryonegetsfanart: :icononepiecepirates: :iconlove-cartoon-network: :iconjacksparrow-fanclub: :icondragons-of-devart: :iconshow-your-memes-club: :iconone-piece-men: :icontrick-and-treats: :iconhalloweentownartists: :iconusoppkingofsnipers: :icondinosaursclub: :iconmonstertrio: :iconop-oc-canon-club: :iconxxonepiecexx: :iconuniversalphotography: :iconpokemon-forever: :iconmonk-fan-club: :icon2y-onepiece: :iconedwardscissorhands: :iconthestoryofsnow: :iconnintendo-fangroup: :iconcharactersofonepiece: :iconf4nartists: :iconyoungbutinspired: :iconalltheuglydeviants: :iconkeysoflight: :iconpirate-nnjas: :iconmen-of-bleach-club: :iconidigitalist: :iconall-4-1-and-1-4-all::iconone-piece-pirates: :iconsoul-nommers-united: :iconsoul-eater-unite: :iconcartoon-obsessions: :iconmlplds: :iconthelastunicorn: :iconpokemon-fan-universe: :iconzim-universe: :iconrichard-horvitz-fans: :iconclubinvaderzim: :iconizoc: :iconrabid-zim-fangirls: :iconiz-n-stuff: :iconiz-ocs-lovers: :iconfanartsociety: :iconkphq: :iconkururu-fc: :icononce-lerfans: :iconthneedism: :icononcelerfanclub: :icontwentypercent-cooler: :icononce-ler-love: :iconirken-fan-club: :iconpkmn-gijink-a-nthro: :iconfix-it-felix: :iconthe-gijinka-club: :iconplanktonobsession: :iconfixedfelixfanjoint: :iconheroscuties: :iconhumanizations-club: :iconirken-assassin: :iconstarsofsimon: :iconi-z-fan-freaks: :iconinvader-zim-ocs: :iconspongebob-slash: :iconhumanformcomics: :iconrockosmoderngroup: :iconmorethaninvaders::iconlove-nickelodeon::iconspongebob-lovers: :iconthespongebobfanclub::iconartistsinprogress::icongijinka-love::iconmybigbrother::iconedd-fc::iconeddyfanclub::iconthe3edsclub::iconfanprotumblr::iconed--fanclub::iconddxeddy::iconspongebob-fc: :iconaliennations: :iconamateurcartoonists: :iconcritiquethisplz: :iconmonstersuniversityfc: :iconpeople-of-nowhere: :iconcowardly-dog-fans: :iconhiddleslove: :iconwizard101-players: :icondhmis-fans: :icontimetogetcreative: :iconpadlockers: :icondhmisfandom: :icondhmis-ocs: :icongush-over-gijinka: :icondhmis-nation: :iconneomi-trix-fc: :iconnerdotaku: :iconcopperchoppergroup: :iconendsville: :iconpirate101-fans: :iconfnaf-fanbase: :iconfnaf-ocs: :iconmarkiplier-fans: :iconthebookoflifemovie: :iconviolentfanartchamber: :iconpom-lovers: :icon5nightsatfreddys-fc: :iconfnaf-puppet: :iconfazbear-toy-antics: :iconlemurs-of-madagascar:

The Weather: Title Page by NEOmi-triX
so much work... PLEASE READ :D

A Pile of SpongeBob by NEOmi-triX


Free Visitor Maps at


LOM-AU Raver!Julien by NEOmi-triX
LOM-AU Raver!Julien
I have this ridiculous modern AU for gijinka Julien and friends :'T

here it is... if you don't read, this picture won't make much sense:

When Julien was really young, his uncle got a good job in the US and they moved from Madagascar. Julien grew up really rich (instead of being a king) and had tons of servants (instead of his subjects) and he became a raver(PG-13 version) and Maurice is his chauffeur, (after originally being a "friend" of Julien's uncle and went to the US with them.) Mort was just a homeless kid that the servants felt bad for so they gave him a kid-butler-type job, and he continues to show his gratitude to Julien by... loving him and his feet a lot. Clover (who is from the Netflix show, all Hail King Julien) designated herself as Julien's bodyguard, not only because she's paranoid but because she has a soft spot for Julien. Over a short amount of time, Julien became one the top DJ in the country and made a whole lot more money after his uncle left him completely financially alone (instead of leaving him to die). His DJ name is "King Julien" for obvious reasons, and thus his tattoo. Aaannd he likes to paint his face like an animal because... thats the only thing i could think of to show his lemur-ness. When he's at a party, he tends to call the dancefloor his "kingdom."

Yeah he's a huge party animal through-and-through, lemur and not lemur, AU or not

it was really hard to keep his initial design colors and add the neon because he's all-over very gray and brown... but i tried. and the crown is supposed to be shown by his hair colors.

i really need to stop drawing lemurs ommgggg
MOvE !T by NEOmi-triX
Here's a more clear pic of my gijinka design for King Julien: King Julien and Some Other People (and yes in fact i did copy the background... *shot)

hah yeah i love his party animal side so i drew a jungle-rave-dorky-dance-move picture.. I have a great headcanon that he puts his hair in a ponytail just when he parties, so it doesn't get in his way. <3

kay. good. bye.

Julien(c)not me
Art and Gijinka design(c)me~
King Julien and Some Other People by NEOmi-triX
King Julien and Some Other People
well i finally gijinkafied these guys, who are very worthy of gijinkafication. i have seena  couple of julien gijinkas but not in a while so i didnt really remember them. (in case you dont know, i never look at other gijinkas of characters before i do it myself because i dont want to accidentally copy anything i like from other designs) and Clover is not from the Madagascar movies, of course, but she's int he "All Hail King Julien" show on Netflix.

I feel accomplished with something finally
I hope you can tell what i did with all thier designs to make it look like them, its not really a secret XD and tell me if you think Julien looks okay, because hes really hard. but also fun.

lol background... what happened to you
AND sorry about this lame character-line-up set up, i just wanted to get their designs down...

such a tiny file... why... *sobbing

Julien, Mort and Maurice:…
Clover (ont he right of course): statici.behindthevoiceactors.c…

okay love you bye
Miguel y Tulio, Menor by NEOmi-triX
Miguel y Tulio, Menor
ehhh well :T enjoy i guess
I just watched this movie in Spanish as well as English today so thats why el titulo

i just wish we could see them as kids in the movie too <3
and i didnt want to differ too much from their original designs, so they basically look the same with colors and hair... :T

Smile Miguel 
really i just didnt know how hard it would be to have as many messages as i do, but you have to understand i am an extremely disorganized person in the first place and I have ADD which im sure some of you have too im not saying its rare, im just saying its really really hard for me to try to keep up with everything, and i really want you to know that i honestly do care about all of you and honestly want all of you to be happy with me, but thats just too hard to do and i constantly have thousands of messages and please dont be offended by my complaining because it is really great and i feel really loved but i cant possibly check all of my messages and now with this AT thing is getting to me and im constantly thinking about what to draw but now thats hard because theres so many things to dra and so many things i should draw and then i end up drawing something completely different and not right and and im trying to reply to everything but it really is just hard and basically i just want all of you to know that i care but i just cant be available as often as i used to be or would like to be, and i just feel like a horrible person not being able to get to all of you, and i really REALLY appreciate what you guys said about my wisdom teeth journal and thank you so much for being there for me when im not exactly there for you and ill try to reply more but my little neo mind is easily overwhelmed with things like this and im really really sorry... really i dont know what to say but sorry, im SO SORRY but i love all of you i promise, and im sorry... so sorry and agh this was so ranty im sorry about that too and just being a sniveling annoyance, and im just so so so sorry.


NEOmi-triX has started a donation pool!
461 / 1,000
Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

:iconnoticeplz: Please read all the rules!!! >.<

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletgreen: REQUIREMENTS:

~~~EVERYTHING is in my style
~~~YES to humans and aliens
~~~LITTLE violence
~~~NO animals
~~~NO mature content

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletgreen: INFO:

~~~Please SPECIFY as much as you can.
~~~I have the right to REFUSE your commission request.
~~~I won't start the commission until the points are PAID.
~~~Please ask for commissions with either a comment on my
PROFILE or in a NOTE, IF slots aren't involved. If slots are involved, please ask for a slot on the journal and follow those rules.

~~~I will be opening commissions A FEW SLOTS at a time!

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletgreen: TO ADD THINGS:

:bulletgreen: Characters:
~~~For all Chibi commissions add 10:points:
~~~For Regular commissions, add--
10:points: for Bust
20:points: for Waist Up
30:points: for Full Body
:bulletgreen: Dialogue:
~~~Tell me to add dialogue of YOUR CHOICE if you want it. I will not do it otherwise.

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletgreen: PRICES:

:bulletgreen: Chibi:
:bulletblue: Traditional:
:bulletred: Pencil Shading--
e.g.: I'm Your Biggest Fanatic--Traditional by NEOmi-triX

:bulletblue: Digital:
:bulletred: Colored--
e.g.: I'm Your Biggest Fanatic--Digital by NEOmi-triX Corporate Casual! by NEOmi-triX

:bulletgreen: Regular:
:bulletblue: Traditional:
:bulletred: Pencil Shading--
Waist Up=25:points:
Full Body=30:points:
e.g.: The Time Lord and the Unicorn by NEOmi-triX An Apolergy by NEOmi-triX

:bulletblue: Digital:
:bulletred: Colored--
Waist Up=45:points:
Full Body=50:points:
e.g.: Slugfest by NEOmi-triX :Commish: Mleik by NEOmi-triX

:bulletred: Colored and a Simple Background--
Waist Up=50:points:
Full Body=55:points:
e.g.: He Partied Till He Was Purple by NEOmi-triX Vaughn by NEOmi-triX

:bulletred: Colored and a Detailed Background--
Waist Up=65:points:
Full Body=70:points:
e.g.: Making Our Recipe by NEOmi-triX :Commish: Rhab by NEOmi-triX

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