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The Krabby Patty Burglar
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
HERE IS MY VERY OWN FANGROUP: :iconneomi-trix-fc:

:empllama: MY TUMBLR :emplllama:

:bulletred: STAMPPPSSS:
Digital artist stamp by WhiteKimahri Spongebob Lover by FoxGurl25 American Flag Stamp by xxstamps Flag: Utah by TheStampKing :thumb372348231: homework stamp by sjthunder Addicted To Dr Pepper - Stamp by SinMisericordia21 Please comment :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Tom Hiddleston stamp by VickyxRedfield anime and manga stamp by Kataang-furuba Dont Hug Me I'm Scared Stamp by arcanehalo Padlock Stamp 2 by Izzydactyl :thumb442850454: G Is For Green. by xUnfortunate-Soulsx Creative as Poetic Scrolls. by xUnfortunate-Soulsx Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Stamp 1 by Black-Battlecat

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:I don't care if I don't know you; still call me Neo.:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke (I only do these on livestream sometimes so keep your eyes peeled)
No Collaborations by SweetDuke
Trades - On Hold by SweetDuke

:bulletgreen: MY OC's: Happy 2014! by NEOmi-triX
:bulletblue: Here's a folder full of them:…

:bulletred: Vaughn: Vaughn Character Sheet by NEOmi-triX Vaughn by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Pox: The Irken Clean-Up Crew by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Tear: Tear Reference by NEOmi-triX Tear by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Vyrn: Vyrn the Dragonfly Boy by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Dinny: Dinny by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Brooks and Lani: Bug Love by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Nilifah: Nilifah by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Ella the Umbrella: Ella the Umbrella ~Reference~ by NEOmi-triX SHE HAS A PLZ ACCOUNT: :iconellatheumbrellaplz:
:bulletred: Ender the Eraser: Ender the Eraser by NEOmi-triX Ctrl+Z by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Patrice-Jacques: Nouveau Caractere Original by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Walter the Wallet: Allow Me to Start You Off by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Shell: TNBC OC -- Shell by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Silas Darian: Silas Darian Reference by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Malik: Malik by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Diedrick Fallonson: Diedrick Fallonson--AOT OC by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Axyl: Axyl by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Ruff: Five Nights at Freddy's OC Ruff by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Stephano D'Angelo: Stephano D'Angelo by NEOmi-triX
:bulletred: Valor: Valor by NEOmi-triX
(feel free to draw any of them as long as you credit me X3)

:bulletgreen: OC DOLLS (and other things of the like) (click on them to find the artist.)
VyrnFloatingDollComm by Cyanea-Lamarckii PC neomi-trix by Sadistic-Lus

:bulletgreen: TONS more OC's that I'v had in the past--some I've drawn a few times, really liked, and then abandoned them. Some I drew once and never drew again... :'( maybe I'm just more of a fanart person...
:bulletred: Louis:…
:bulletred: Rocket:…
:bulletred: Quinn:…
:bulletred: Cobalt:…
:bulletred: Ginjiro Hibaki:…
:bulletred: Meikele Oki:…
:bulletred: Novah:…
:bulletred: My "The Last Purge" characters, Zenshiro and Suzu:…
:bulletred: Duffy:…
:bulletred: Jack:…
:bulletred: Kumquat:… (art by
:bulletred: Darby:…
:bulletred: Minni:…
:bulletred: Livv and Ryde:…
:bulletred: Dusty:…
:bulletred: Yellow Night:…
:bulletred: Willow:…
:bulletred: Invader Neo:…
:bulletred: Invader Tilly:…
:bulletred: Leo:…
:bulletred: Rockie:…
:bulletred: Wade:…
:bulletred: Bugsy:…
:bulletred: Damion:…
:bulletred: Hart:…
:bulletred: Gatherer:…
:bulletred: Thomas:…

:bulletblue: MY OWN PLZ ACCOUNTS:
:iconmegamindblinkingplz: :iconbottlecapplz: :icontrollfacegagplz: :icontrollfacedudeplz:
:iconlocknbcplz: :iconshocknbcplz: :iconbarrelnbcplz: :iconnoticeplz:
:iconspongebobsadplz: :iconellatheumbrellaplz:




Some awesome IZ artists!!! :iconmerpplz: (in no order)
:iconsupremacyrain: :iconroboticmastermind: :iconcuddlesandhuggles: :icon10yrsy: :iconbrainworms: :iconhideousblob: :iconradioinvader: :iconcyanea-lamarckii: :iconocteapi: :iconzerna: :iconirken-invaderzim: :icon0tt0maton: :iconrobotguts: :iconzontarzon: :iconnaplez: :iconmylafox: :iconjoydroid: :iconxxirkenzizxx: :iconthe-proph3t: :iconthecau: :iconkeeiran: :iconladylaguna: :iconpastel-castiel: :iconfreakyvicky: :iconn33rrx: :iconthestralhugs: :iconsulfurlde:

:bulletgreen: GROUPS I BELONG TO:

:iconsolely-art: :icongimpies: :iconpokedorks: :iconmst3k: :iconharmony-with-alto: :iconnohumansallowed: :iconroronoazoro-club: :icontheonepiecefanclub: :iconwe-are-megaminds: :iconmegamindz: :iconsave-the-tiger: :icontimburtonfanclub: :iconone-piece-cosplay: :iconusopp-fanclub: :iconeveryonegetsfanart: :icononepiecepirates: :iconlove-cartoon-network: :iconjacksparrow-fanclub: :icondragons-of-devart: :iconshow-your-memes-club: :iconone-piece-men: :icontrick-and-treats: :iconhalloweentownartists: :iconusoppkingofsnipers: :icondinosaursclub: :iconmonstertrio: :iconop-oc-canon-club: :iconxxonepiecexx: :iconuniversalphotography: :iconpokemon-forever: :iconmonk-fan-club: :icon2y-onepiece: :iconedwardscissorhands: :iconthestoryofsnow: :iconnintendo-fangroup: :iconcharactersofonepiece: :iconf4nartists: :iconyoungbutinspired: :iconalltheuglydeviants: :iconkeysoflight: :iconpirate-nnjas: :iconmen-of-bleach-club: :iconidigitalist: :iconall-4-1-and-1-4-all::iconone-piece-pirates: :iconsoul-nommers-united: :iconsoul-eater-unite: :iconcartoon-obsessions: :iconmlplds: :iconthelastunicorn: :iconpokemon-fan-universe: :iconzim-universe: :iconrichard-horvitz-fans: :iconclubinvaderzim: :iconizoc: :iconrabid-zim-fangirls: :iconiz-n-stuff: :iconiz-ocs-lovers: :iconfanartsociety: :iconkphq: :iconkururu-fc: :icononce-lerfans: :iconthneedism: :icononcelerfanclub: :icontwentypercent-cooler: :icononce-ler-love: :iconirken-fan-club: :iconpkmn-gijink-a-nthro: :iconfix-it-felix: :iconthe-gijinka-club: :iconplanktonobsession: :iconfixedfelixfanjoint: :iconheroscuties: :iconhumanizations-club: :iconirken-assassin: :iconstarsofsimon: :iconi-z-fan-freaks: :iconinvader-zim-ocs: :iconspongebob-slash: :iconhumanformcomics: :iconrockosmoderngroup: :iconmorethaninvaders::iconlove-nickelodeon::iconspongebob-lovers: :iconthespongebobfanclub::iconartistsinprogress::icongijinka-love::iconmybigbrother::iconedd-fc::iconeddyfanclub::iconthe3edsclub::iconfanprotumblr::iconed--fanclub::iconddxeddy::iconspongebob-fc: :iconaliennations: :iconamateurcartoonists: :iconcritiquethisplz: :iconmonstersuniversityfc: :iconpeople-of-nowhere: :iconcowardly-dog-fans: :iconhiddleslove: :iconwizard101-players: :icondhmis-fans: :icontimetogetcreative: :iconpadlockers: :icondhmisfandom: :icondhmis-ocs: :icongush-over-gijinka: :icondhmis-nation: :iconneomi-trix-fc: :iconnerdotaku: :iconcopperchoppergroup: :iconendsville: :iconpirate101-fans: :iconfnaf-fanbase: :iconfnaf-ocs: :iconmarkiplier-fans: :iconthebookoflifemovie: :iconviolentfanartchamber: :iconpom-lovers: :icon5nightsatfreddys-fc: :iconfnaf-puppet: :iconfazbear-toy-antics: :iconlemurs-of-madagascar: :iconkingjulienfans: :iconsponge-out-of-water:

Free Visitor Maps at


Bad Dream by NEOmi-triX
Bad Dream
See the speedpaint:

DHMIS 6, people. I am so so excited and happy about this, it's been a great two years of the DHMIS series and I'm really excited to celebrate the end. I'm a proud Kickstarter backer, and even though this picture isn't that great, the spirit is in it.

I saw the video an hour after it came out, but due to technical difficulties I couldn't get a picture up until now. But here you go, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy DHMIS more!

Here's the sixth and final episode, if you haven't seen it yet:… it's incredible!!! :')
(AwesomeUnderground) short comic sketch - Page 1 by NEOmi-triX
(AwesomeUnderground) short comic sketch - Page 1
Alright, finally, here's the first page of my contribution to :iconawesome-underground: I don't know exactly how many pages there will be, but we'll see. Hopefully around 10ish..?

I hope this is what you're looking for with my part of this comic--tell me if this looks right! >.>'

The characters featured in this page besides my own Willow belong to:
Hey guys, it was about time to put my new $Commission info up here. I just didn't think it would be worth it, since I didn't think anyone would want any, but I am very poor right now so here it is:


:bulletred:Bust -- $7 per first character (add $5 for a second character)

Ripkuna by NEOmi-triX Sister Location by NEOmi-triX Mr. Lovatt by NEOmi-triX Nightmare and Plushtrap by NEOmi-triX

:bulletred:Full Body -- $15 per first character (add $10 for a second character)

$Commission: Caine by NEOmi-triX Decima by NEOmi-triX Mark and Dark by NEOmi-triX $Commission for olivergrimmtodd--Nicepants by NEOmi-triX


-I can do humans, anthros/furries, and humanoid creatures like aliens or demons.

-No NSFW. (They don't have to have clothes if they are inconspicuous-looking anthros or are something like this: Basolham by NEOmi-triX)

-Preferably no romance either, sorry.

-It would be best to do one character per picture, but you can ask for up to two characters in the same one.

-No backgrounds, unless they are a plain gray or other color (such as the examples)

-I don't think I can legally sell fan art, so I'll ask for your (or a friends') OC; thanks for understanding.

-You can tell me if you'd like cel shading or softer shading (an example for softer shading is the first example under "Full Body").
-You can tell me if you'd like a stroke around the character or not.
-I can leave out a background entirely if you want me to (such as the last example under "Full Body" and the handsome example on the second line of these rules).
-You can ask for the character to be doing something specific--otherwise I'll just draw them standing, like in the examples.

-It would be best if there were a reference to work from--but if you only have a good, clear design in mind, that's also fine.

-If you're interested at all, please send me a note. (If you try to contact me somewhere else, there's no guarantee I'll see it.)


These are not point commissions, because money is the thing I really need. (Im sorry if that's a bummer for you)

But the method I use for this is PayPal. If you send me a note and we decide on something for you, then I will send you my PayPal account name.

Thank you so much for understanding.

Alright, thank you guys so much for all that you do. Although I don't really expect anyone to get one, I appreciate you reading about them. You are great, and I hope you have a good day.


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I know I answered this same question on YouTube, but I don't know if that was you or not... if it wasn't, you just right click on Quicktime and click "screen recording" and it'll direct you from there... sorry, I don't know if that's helpful..
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